Philip Stein-Philip Stein Teslar Round Mens Wristwatch 7-EI-ZBR
Philip Stein Teslar Round Mens Wristwatch 7-EI-ZBR
  • Name :  Philip Stein Teslar Round Mens Wristwatch 7-EI-ZBR
  • Brand :  Philip Stein
  • Model :  7-EI-ZBR
  • Gender :  Mens
  • CaseMaterial :  Stainless Steel
  • DialColor :  Ivory
  • Movement :  Quartz (2 movements)
  • SizeCS : 
  • Bracelet : Leather - Brown Lizard
  • Our Price :  US $200.00
  • rating :3.0 stars, based on 853 reviews

Philip Stein-Philip Stein Teslar Round Mens Wristwatch 7-EI-ZBR Details

Itemnumber: 7EIZBR
Brand: Philip Stein
StyleNumber: 7-EI-ZBR
AlsoCalled: 7 EI ZBR
Series: Teslar Round
Style (Gender): Mens
Case: Stainless Steel
DialColor: Ivory
Movement: Quartz (2 movements)
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, 2nd time (hours, minutes, seconds)
Crystal: Sapphire-coated, curved mineral
Length: 43.0mm
CaseWidth: 38.0mm
CaseThickness: 7.5mm
BezelMaterial: Stainless Steel
BezelFunction: Fixed
Mass: 50.0 g
Water Resistance: 30m / 100ft (suitable for splashing, light rain; unsuitable for swimming or diving)
Crown: Two crowns. Stainless Steel. Fluted
Calendar: None
WatchBracelet / Strap: Leather - Brown Lizard
WatchBracelet Length: 8.5inches
WatchBracelet Width: 20.0mm
Bracelet Thickness: 3.5mm
AdditionalInfo: Invented in 1986, the TESLAR technology was designed to emit a unique signal that strengthens the body's own electromagnetic energy field and helps reinforce the body's energy field to better resist the potential negative effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF) given off by cell-phone systems, computers and many other electronic devices. As a result of the TESLAR Effect, past wearers have experienced: Deeper, more restful sleep; More calm and less tension; Improved concentration; Increased levels of energy; An over-all improvement in well-being.

Philip Stein and Teslar technogology have introduced the watch world to a new way of thinking about watches. The Teslar technology dates back to 1986, and consists of an apparatus in the watch that emits a unique signal designed to strengthen the body's own natural electromagnetic energey field, to better resist the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation found in cell-phones, computers and other electronic devices. Teslar watch wearers describe it as the 'feel good' watch. Past wearers have experienced deeper and more restful sleep, enhanced calm and reduced tension, improved concentration, elevated energy levels and all-around feelings of well-being. The Tesla watch has garnered significant celebrity support, including Oprah Winfrey. The watch is named for Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in the field of energy science.

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Philip Stein Teslar Round Mens Wristwatch 7-EI-ZBR
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